Sophomores know the expectations and ropes of high school and are continuing to explore the options available to them. They begin to feel the college admission process approaching while establishing where and how they will contribute both academically and personally. With more school and personal responsibilities, their days are busier and their choices carry more weight.

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Sophomore Services


Evaluate academic performance, discuss interests and strengths, and select appropriately rigorous courses for the final two years of high school

Analyze extra-curricular activity involvement, potential for contribution and depth in each activity, discuss additional activities to consider pursuing, consider leadership potential, and determine pathway to be actively involved in activities

Create a timeline for standardized testing and best approach for student to prepare for tests

Brainstorm and select summer opportunities including internships, employment, and learning about career paths by shadowing professionals in a variety of fields

Begin developing criteria for college based upon student’s personality, interests, strengths, needs, and goals and start shaping list of colleges to research and to explore that match initial criteria

Be a resource and sounding board to students and parents

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