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“I want my child to be happy!”  Casey Gendason has been told this by so many parents that he has made it the mission of Casey Gendason Guidance.  To have a well-adjusted, confident, eager, and happy child is priceless. As a former undergraduate admissions officer at Emory University and having worked in college counseling for over 15 years at an independent school full of families with lofty expectations, Casey Gendason knows the value of having a happy child. Casey Gendason Guidance works tirelessly to help families launch their child to a school where they will be happy. Casey is a resource and sounding board to students and parents from the moment he meets a family until the student steps foot on their college campus (and often stays in touch with families way beyond that moment).

Our Services

Casey Gendason Guidance provides a full range of college counseling and educational consulting services. We take the time to get to know each student and family we work with, allowing us to provide the most highly personalized guidance that helps the student create compelling and attention-grabbing applications. On each application submitted the student’s strengths and potential to contribute appear, and we strive to make sure the student’s personality shines through from the first page to the last. We believe in reaching and stretching while remaining realistic and level-headed. It is with encouragement, sustained effort, and integrity that we help each student gain admission to colleges that align with the student’s interests, needs, and strengths.


During freshman year, we focus on making the most of the high school experience and taking advantage of what is available to the student.


Sophomores know the expectations and ropes of high school and are continuing to explore the options available to them, but they also begin to feel the college admission process approaching.


We view the junior year as the time when students grow the most. We offer conversations that are non-judgmental and uplifting because, in the thick of junior year, every student can use an advocate, reassurance, and level-headed opinion.


We dive into the senior year head-first with your student. We commit to helping your child apply to college with no regrets and a close eye on achieving results.

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