At Casey Gendason Guidance, we view the junior year as the time when students grow the most. Some students are ready to soar, while others are beginning to display the independence we want our children to have (without completely ignoring their family!). Whether they admit to it or not, college is on the mind of juniors, and the application process brings a range of emotions – excitement, fear, feeling invigorated by a new chapter ahead, and unsure what the unknown will bring.

There are days when students openly talk to their family about the college application process, and there are days when students want an outside opinion. Casey Gendason Guidance has conversations that are non-judgmental and uplifting because, in the thick of junior year, every student can use an advocate, reassurance, and level-headed opinion.

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Junior Services


Using a series of questions that capture what the student envisions college to look like in many facets, we formulate a list of criteria the student wants and needs for college

Create an accurate list of colleges that encourages reaching and stretching while assuring the student will have appealing options that meet their desired criteria

Determine appropriate timeline for standardized testing and develop action plan for additional testing and sending scores to colleges

Discuss potential teachers and adults to ask for letters of recommendation that can create an image in an admission officer’s mind of who the student will be in college classrooms and student organizations

Evaluate academic performance and suggest appropriately rigorous courses for the student to be challenged and to excel

Begin shaping resume and select activities and summer opportunities that will convey depth, commitment, dedication, and leadership

Be a resource and sounding board to students and parents

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