There’s excitement and there’s trepidation entering high school. We prepare our students to launch into high school with a plan for a four-year curriculum, a trajectory for extra-curricular involvement, and an understanding of milestones they will work towards completing each year.

We focus on making the most of the high school experience and taking advantage of what is available to the student.

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Freshman Services


Create a four-year high school curriculum plan with options for elective choices and development of interests and strengths

Select extra-curricular activities that have clear involvement, depth, and align with the student’s interests

Encourage students to participate in class discussions and form relationships with their teachers, along with emphasizing why asking questions signals excitement for learning

Discuss time management skills, daily routine, and work habits and develop a plan to complete a daily schedule effectively

Choose summer experiences that reflect continual development, risk taking, and desire to learn and to serve others

Be a resource and sounding board to students and parents

Plan for Sophomore year

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