We dive into the senior year head-first with your student. The senior year is all about using your voice, and Casey helps each student not only find their voice but also use it in the most compelling ways. Every application is reviewed side-by-side with your child. Every essay is brainstormed, discussed, scratched at, and given the most specific and detailed feedback so your child is proud and confident with the writing samples submitted to colleges. Every college list involves strategy, and Casey knows the correct strategic moves to make with deadlines, majors, and the presentation of each application. Casey Gendason Guidance commits to helping your child apply to college with no regrets and a close eye on achieving results. When Casey’s phone blows up with “I GOT IN!!!!!!” texts, the attention placed on every small detail of every application was so worthwhile. It leads to happy college students!

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Senior Services


Evaluate list of colleges and develop useful strategies for applying to each college, determining the correct deadline to apply for, and making wise choices about majors and programs at each university

Assist with completing applications, reviewing and polishing every page of every application, and focusing on presentation of extra-curricular and academic interests

Create and finalize expanded resume with detailed explanations of the student’s activities, contributions, passions, and accomplishments

Help with brainstorming and writing college essays with a focus on storytelling so admission officers know what the student values and what the student can bring and add to a college campus

Organize the process with tools that track application process, recommendations requested and submitted, and interviews scheduled

Prepare students for college interviews by conducting mock interviews and practicing questions to anticipate and questions to ask to interviewer

Assist with merit scholarship searches and completing financial aid forms

Be a resource and sounding board to students and parents

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